xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Ambaji: A grand ancient temple of Gujarat ..

Ambaji: A grand ancient temple of Gujarat ..

Maa Ambaji Shaktipeeth without Deity

Ambaji: A grand ancient temple of Gujarat ..
Ambaji: A grand ancient temple of Gujarat -(Image for representation/hindi.webdunia)

Ambaji: A grand ancient temple of Gujarat: There is also 1 Shaktipeeth in our country, in which the sanctum sanctorum (garabgrah) has not only a statue of the Maa, but her Sriyantra is installed.  This Shriyantra is decorated in such a way that the form of the mother begins to appear.  This unique temple is located on the Gujarat-Rajasthan border in the town named Maa Ambaji.  It is believed that the Mundan ceremony of Shri Krishna was performed here as a child and before this, Maryada Purushottam Ram Chandra Ji also came here to worship Shakti. 

This Shaktipeeth is also considered special because the heart of Maa Sati fell here.  This temple is also described in Tantra Chudamani and is one of the 51 Siddha Peethas of the Maa Ambaji. The shikhara of this temple is 103 feet high and has 358 golden urns installed on it.  This temple made of white marble has been undergoing renovation work for almost 45 years.

The atmosphere here becomes attractive in Navratri.  Devotees come here in large numbers to visit the maa in the nine-day Navratri festival.  The Shakti is worshiped by gargling in the temple courtyard.  In the widely celebrated Navratri festival, the attraction of dances like 'Bhavai' and 'Garba' is made. Devotees recite Saptashati here in Navratri with devotion.  There is a mountain named Gabbar, about 3 kilometers from this Shaktipeeth, located 45 kilometers from Mount Abu.  Where another ancient temple of Goddess is established.  In this temple, the footprints and chariots of the Maa are made.

After the sighting of Ambaji, devotees also visit this temple situated on the Gabbar hill.  Every year a fair is organized here on Bhadrapadi PurnimaIn July, there is a huge crowd to visit the mother.  At that time the Ambaji temple and the entire town are lighted and decorated like Deepawali.  The impression of Gujarati language and culture can be easily seen here as Ambaji temple is in the Gujarat state border.

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