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Flashback of 'Hathi mere Sathi'


Flashback of 'Hathi mere Sathi': Might be hardly for anyone has made such a beautiful film about children's theme in Hindi cinema, which is seen by children with equal fervor.  The origin story of South Indian films producer and director Chinapapa was converted into a script by Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. The duo of Salim-Javed in the flood gave Bollywood many super hit screenplays.  This film broke all the records of earnings, at home and abroad too.

Flashback of 'Hathi mere Sathi'


Flashback of 'Hathi mere Sathi': Once a day Rajesh Khanna came to Salim Khan. It was a matter of time when the films made by Salim Khan were proving to be a hit-by-hit at the box office and about Khanna Saheb, it was said that UPER AAKA NICHE KAKA, that is till now 16 consecutive hits had given and all the movies were run with the advice of a different hero Rajesh Khanna told Salim that South Indian M.M.A had taken so much advance money from Chinappa Thevar that due to which he could buy the blessing bungalow but Chinappa Thevar  One of the conditions is that he also wants to make his movie in Tamil called Diva Cheel in Hindi in which the hero wants to take Rajesh Khanna.

In 1967, Diva Cheel was previously super hit in Tamil, more about Chinappa Thevar that he is the producer and director of South Indian films and is the owner of Dewar Films Production Company, Salim Khan refused to read the draft of the film.  Said that I cannot write a trip that is so fruitful, but Rajesh Khanna said that the original story of the script is very good, please consider it. If the script is written well, both the name and the price will be in our grasp anyway.  I have to do the film (Rajesh Khanna) because I desperately need money to buy the bungalow, Salim Khan agreed because Javed had also insisted that he was sitting in his office, they both wrote the script together and after that you all know that how did this film  make a mark in the country and abroad.

At that time this movie earn a net profit of 16.35 crores, which is equal to 475 crores till date, the film also proved to be a blockbuster in the Soviet Union with the success of the film, where 34.8 million tickets sold of Raj Kapoor's film.  The latter was the first success of an Indian film at the box office. As a result, Salim Javed's duo started giving hits on the North and hit the screenwriting horizon.

Of course, later, he brightened the image of Amitabh Bachchan's Angryman with his chitchat dialogues and screenplay, but the pair debuted with 'Hathi Mere Saathi'.  On the 40th anniversary of its production, the Times of India wrote that no other such film has yet been made in Bollywood for children and this is hundred percent true.  Kajol had screamed only recently, when Tanuja took both her daughters to show the film.  'Mummy Tum killed the elephant' - Angrily Kajol told her mummy (Tanuja who was the film's heroine).  His younger daughter Tanisha was angry with him.  At first Tanuja was afraid of elephants but later he became friendly with them.

Even when a snake came near the child, when Tanuja had to push, the elephant named Ramu refused to push.  The director kept banging heads but elephant did not budge and nodded in denial.  Encouraged by its success, Dewar remade the same film in Tamil as Nalla Naram in 1972.  When Rajesh Khanna's elephant dies in the film, there were differences over the song 'World of Hate' sung by him.  Music composer Pyare lal did not want to put this song in the film as a sad song, but Rajesh Khanna and the director were in favor of keeping it in the film, but when Rafi sang this song written by Anand Bakshi, the audience sat in the hall recently.  .

The destitute Raju (Rajesh Khanna) makes a living by showing a street-street spectacle with his four companions.Raju fell in love with these animals because he had saved Raju's life one day from a snake.  After that they started living together.  With his income, Raju built a bird house called "Pyaar Ki Duniya", which had all kinds of animals ranging from lions.  During this time, he meets Tanu (Tanuja) and falls in love with her.

Because Tanu's Daddy Ratan Lal (Madan Puri) is a very rich person.  So there is no difficulty in the relationship in the beginning.  But later they both get married, but Tanu feels neglected very closely with Raju's animals.  Ignorance makes the fear,  When Tanu has a child.  Fearing the loss of the animals to the child, Tanuja asks Raju to choose one of the two. When Raju chooses animals over his family, an elephant named Ramu decides to reunite two estranged spouses, but Ramu, the victim of Saravan Kumar (K.N Singh), gives up his life to reunite the Raju and Tanuja.


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