xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Help your Loved ones to Loose weight in this Festive Season

Help your Loved ones to Loose weight in this Festive Season

Losing weight is a combination activity of eating right, exercising, and motivation to keep going. The inspiration regularly originates from getting results for the weight reduction endeavors.  The holidays can be a difficult period for those trying to lose weight. People trying to lose weight might find it difficult to keep away from rich and fatty food and they might their efforts getting derailed.

As family and friends of such people, there is a lot you can do to help your loved one lose weight this festive season. Here are some easy tips.

1. Whenever you have a party or a gathering at your house, keep healthy eating options.

Help your Loved ones to Loose weight in this Festive Season
Guarantee that you have at any rate one sound fundamental dish and two solid starters. The main dishes could be whole grain pasta with a tomato-based sauce and lots of vegetables, bean and grain salads, roasted vegetables with couscous or healthy fillings for sandwiches which can be had with the main meat if you are serving any. Also, see foods that burn holiday fat.

2. For starters, you could keep some vegetable crudités with a low-fat yogurt dip or baked sweet potato wedges with a spicy sauce.

Desserts could be crumbles, granola bars, or other similar healthier and whole-grain desserts.

3. At the point when you take into account parties additionally keep diverse measured plates. This will make it simpler for the individual attempting to get more fit to keep a not too bad carbohydrate level.

They can do it unobtrusively and can still enjoy all the food.

4. Don’t force them to eat or drink if they do not want. Respect their wishes. By not forcing them, you give them tacit encouragement which can go a long way.
5. Don’t judge them if they decide to indulge in rich food. Don’t point it out or make rude remarks. You may think you are helping but you would actually drive them to eat more resulting in a bigger fall back to their plans. So be encouraging. If they decide to eat something they otherwise would not be supportive.

6. Don’t make comments such as ‘you are too fat so don’t eat this’ or ‘don’t you think you should lose weight’. Such statements can have a detrimental effect and alienate you, even if your intentions are good. These statements can have the opposite effect you intended for it to have.

7. Help the friends or family trying to lose weight, to get proper help. Access to good food, exercise gear, and guidance. Such help can bring about the motivation needed for a healthy lifestyle. Encourage them to seek a healthier life, not necessarily only motivated to lose weight. This way, you discourage them from trying out potentially harmful fad diets that might lead to weight loss but sustained weight loss.

8. Becoming an active part of the healthy lifestyle program is also a great encouragement. You may or may not need it, but eating well and exercising regularly has never hurt anyone and it can be motivating and encouraging.

9. Help your friends or family make realistic goals and set a good reward mechanism in place. Rewards and recognition act as great motivators. It is also important to find non-food ways to celebrate their achievements.

10. Be positive and watchful but without becoming a nag or the food police. Do not constantly give your friend or family member tips or books that you think can help them. They might ask for help and you can give it to them then, but not in a zealous drive. Wait for them to ask for help. Supporting them adequately makes them take responsibility for themselves and helps them take charge of their lives.

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