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Welcome to the wonderful world of "Festival Travel & News" where I challenge you to dream big, spend small!

I'm Chaitanya Mehta,  a festival fanatic living in India. I started my blog in 2020 with no clue whether it would be successful but hoping that I would help inspire and inform people to take on their own adventure and go to some of the incredible festivals on offer around the world.

I have always loved traveling and celebrate festivals in India. So, I thought that I should start writing about wonderful places  I have gone to around India. People always ask for my advice on which festival s to go, what to take, how to celebrate, what to wear and it made me think that this was the perfect way to communicate with fellow festival lovers and travel enthusiasts. Moreover, I also added some more content in this blog i.e Latest news which keeps you up to date, some health tips with the help of my grandma. As you know, this period is very tough to survive because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so be careful and I will give you an update of Covid-19, If I shared all these things then it is must important that You get some important updates of Bollywood masala. Last but not least, I shared the most interesting thing in this blog for you, Shiv Gatha and some Hindu festival Katha's which is most popular in India. 

If you have any query regarding The site, Advertisement, and any other issue, please feel free to contact at IM9416276197@GMAIL.COM

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